Managed IT Services Audit

Before you handover your company’s network to a Managed IT Service Provider, like Netcominfra Pvt. Ltd., for maintaining your IT services, the first step in the onboarding process is an audit. An audit lets us check your network for any existing problems, helps us know your IT needs better and allows us to quote more accurately for our managed services. Managed IT services audit is important as it gives an insight into your IT environment, what hardware and software you have or need. It also gives us a chance to collect your user count. By actively looking through your technology stack, we get an idea of the complexity of your environment.

Facility Management Services

Facility Management Services is a cost effective method to manage and protect your enterprise networks, systems and applications. It comprises an integrated suite of computing and networking services, all with a single point of accountability. The services include management server solutions, network management and security management. By trusting us with your advanced facility management tasks, we ensure smooth delivery of these services. This allows you to focus on your core business thereby reducing operational costs, while we focus on the betterment of your IT Infrastructure.

IT Support Contract

While organizations may have their own in-house IT support, most find it more cost effective to outsource this aspect of their business to a managed service provider like Syndome. Businesses looking for a more flexible, cost-effective IT solution often find that they gain not only cost advantages but an increased technical skill set, less internal administration and a greater level of service. Your in-house IT staff does have the advantage of internal company knowledge and structure but lacks the greater technical knowledge and expertise of an outsourced IT team. As service providers we generally have a wider skill set incomparable to an internal team as we deal with many clients with varying infrastructure on a daily basis, have the budgets for regular IT training and a staff that has passion for all things tech.

Technical Services

Every organization today competes in a highly competitive and dynamic market. There is tremendous pressure on your IT staff to continuously adapt and scale your network so that it realigns and evolves with your business initiatives. To accomplish this, staff members must maintain their expertise in a constantly growing list of technologies and vendor products. The ability to keep abreast of these rapidly evolving technologies while attempting to deploy new network capabilities and resource intensive network adaptation can strain internal resources, cause costly network downtime, and impede time-to-value for your network investment.

Netcominfra Pvt. Ltd.’s technical experts provide your organization the expertise when and where it is needed to efficiently fill potential skill gaps, without having to hire additional resources. Our experts will help assess current network performance and recommend improvements to meet specific operational needs and maintain your network in the most optimal manner. Our technical experts assist with network design, deployment, and support process definition and documentation, deployment and implementation of IT assets. They help you avoid many network issues before they arise, and are fully prepared to help resolve issues as quickly as possible when they do occur.